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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | | | Remember: DISABLE JAVASCRIPT BEFORE USING TOR!!! | | | | 1. Put the Safety to Safest | | 2. type in about:config into TOR and press enter | | 3. Accept the Risk and Continue | | 4. type in javascript | | 5. It will list javascript.enabled | | 6. Click on the two sixty nining arrows to disable | | | | And remember, don't use any personal information on the darknet. | | | | AND IF A SITE WANTS YOU TO ENABLE JAVASCRIPT, GET THE FUCK AWAY AND FIND AN ALTERNATIVE!!! | | | | Enjoy browsing :^) | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For markets, I recommend checking out, RECON, and regularly for updated links. The links I provide for the markets may be outdated and out of use. If there are any other links that are outdated and no longer in service, please contact me so I can correct it. ---Search Engines--- Bobby Kraken TORDex TORBot SenTOR Hoodle Our Realm TORNode FindTOR TORCH RECON - Search Engine for Markets and Vendors Phobos TOR Google Third 666 Eye Atlas Directory Tor66 Amnesia Stealth Nexus Hologram Demon Search Engine Whoogle Search Venus Onion Search Yahoo.onion Snow Search BTdigg Torrent Search GoDeep Raklet DarkNet Trust Sherlock TorTorGo Devil Search Darkon Find Your Own Onion Evo Search TORMAX TorBot GDARK Submarine TorWhoIs haystak Dude! Onion Index ---Lists and Wikis--- Dark.Fail DuckDuckGo Wiki Hidden Links The Hidden Wiki Hidden Wiki Fresh DeepLinks Black Butterfly 666's Link Collection UnderDir Paul Onion Links TORNode LinkyLinks DarkDir General TOR Links The Light Hidden Wiki Dark Catalog Dir66 Onion Directory BLOOD MOON WIKI Fresh Onions Uncensored Links 2022 Darkipedia SECTOR Open Onion Directory Dark Eye DarkGuard DarkRise The Onion Web TorchLinks SpaceDir Tor.Fish Onion Scanner ---Email Services--- Elude DNMX OnionMail TORBox Alt Address - Disposable Email Mail2Tor Panz Mail ProtonMail Morke Anonymous Email XMail JitJat Tough.Email ---Messages--- NULL Message Daniel's Chat Ableonion Sonar ChatNet Mute ChaTor TITAN XMPP ---Forums--- DREAD DEFCON Forums [RAMBLE] 8Chan Abacus AlTERNITY DuckTORBB Hidden Forum The Hub [Mirrors] The Majestic Garden [Mirrors] Whonix Forum Teddit - Reddit on TOR Alternative Libreddit - Reddit on TOR Alternative, similar to Teddit BalkanChan RockSolid Light CryptoStorm's Community Forum Kiwi Farms Autistic Paradise PicoChan Onion Gun Forum DarknetBB Ephemeral Forums Breached Forums ---Pastebins--- Stronghold Paste SnowBin TORPaste NoScript Paste DeepPaste Paste 63 PasteOnion ZeroBin Anonymous Paste PASTOR HashBin DARKNOTES DeepPaste V3 ---Image and File Upload--- Easy Image Upload AnonLeaks Fileshare MEGA TOR HDDoro Image Hosting BlackCloud FileCloud RubyBox File Upload Service that allows you to sell files for crypto DropZone SendAnon Rowan's Uploads TorTorGo Fileshare Oshi snivyhost ---News--- Dark Matter Project FLASHLIGHT 2.0 Darknet.Live ProPublica The Intercept The Dark Web Journal The Onion Web Latest Security News Latest Crypto News Ukrainews Freedom of The Press Foundation DW WSD DarkNetPedia BC-Counter Information Health Impact News ---Blogs--- S-Config Go Beyond Dig Deeper Coarse Enigma The Hidden Irony 0ut3r Space Executing Reality Oklomsy Project Future The Dr. Gonzo Diaries AnonBlogs - Start your own blog on the darknet SYNLOGOS My Personal Journal - (not actually mine thats just what its called) lilibyte Red Wiki Hidden Corner ---Information--- DNM Bible TOR Guide TOR Status Hidden Bitcoin Wiki The Anarchist Library IntelExchange Bible4U - Bible on TOR Just Another Library AntifaWatch - Keeps track of Antifa and other Alt-Left Organizations Imperial Library of Trantor Official TOR Project Onion Sites Archaic Binary Project Sphere Distributed Denial of Secrets Security In-A-Box CryptoParty Handbook CSRC Marxists Internet Archive educate.onion TOR Styleguide The Library SCPL Privacy Guides ELDRITCHDATA Darknet Recipe Book PsychonautWiki The TOR ROMs Archive InfoCon BashKYC BlackGNU magma Jamieweb Oil and Fish Awesome Privacy Naturella International Sources - Good website for commiewatching and finding ANTIFA groups in your area eanlib - Library filled with stuff Z-Lib Sanitized Dumps - Blizzard Games The Privacy Raccoon Email Self Defense - PGP Tutorial TOSBack - TOS Tracker ---Markets & Cryptocurrency--- LocalMonero AgoraDesk Tor2Door Market Bohemia Market **CLEARNET LINK** Cannabia **CLEARNET LINK** AlphaBay Market ASAP Market Archetyp Market Vice City GammaGoblin - Pushing Taboo ---Tools & Services--- PathFinder RAT Online Encryption Encoding Tool Mullvad VPN CryptoStorm VPN BlackHost Fake ID Generator - Anonymous phone number service SporeStack VPS Cryptostamps ---Database & Information Leaks--- Ransomware Group Sites SunCrypt Quantum Blog Snatch VSOP NEWS RANSOMEXX The Everest Team LeakFind LeakLook